Getting Started

Zipline's configuration is determined by TOM, you can read more about TOML spec here. You can see an example configuration here

Your configuration should include 6 sections.

  • database
  • meta
  • core
  • uploader
  • urls
  • webhooks (optional)


The database settings are determined by TypeORM's Configuration Options

Supported Databases by Zipline

Some database support is experimental, try at your own risk.

Installing Database Drivers

Run the following command for your prefered database,

Postgres / CockroachDB

npm install pg --save

MySQL / MariaDB

npm install mysql --save


npm install sqlite --save

Microsoft SQL Server

npm install mssql --save


These are the meta tags that will change your title & description, to be shown on link previews and such.


These are the core configuration options, like your secret and port. See more here


These are your uploader options, the main feature of Zipline is uploading images, and this is how you can configure it to your liking. here


These are your URL Shortener options, you can entirely disable it if you wanted to! here

Discord Webhooks

Zipline will have Discord Webhooks support very soon. You can see how to configure it here